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Carolyn Strappini, NP

Carly Strappini completed her Bachelors in Psychology in 2010, Bachelors in Nursing in 2014, and her Masters in Nursing in 2020. She spent six years in the ICU and while she loved critical care and the challenges of caring for that population, she wanted to work to help patients prevent hospitalization and keep themselves healthy.

She chose to practice medicine because everyday is a challenge and there is always room for growth and learning. She loves educating patients and helping them develop a plan that is meaningful to their personal goals for their health. Words of wisdom she would share with her patients is that health is not a straight path, there will be ups and downs and to persevere through the bad. Staying positive can be difficult in the face of health challenges but perspective makes a difference.

Carly is a Colorado native who grew up near Morrison. She currently lives in Broomfield with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She loves exercising and cooking in her free time.

Carolyn Strappini, NP
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